What To Beware Of, In Searching for Job Vacancies

Author: Dick Bolles

Experts guesstimate that 80% of all job vacancies are never listed;  employers fill them in their own quiet way, as shown on this chart:

 In other words,  employers (as a group) never advertise a vacancy, until all other measures have failed.  But that still leaves millions of openings,  and consequently there are hundreds if not thousands of places (called "job boards") where employers go to list the vacancies they cannot otherwise fill.  The Hansens' Quintessential Careers (www.quintessential careers.com ) has one of the most comprehensive lists of them all. The Undercover Recruiter (http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/ ) lists the best of them, in their view. Job Board Reviews has users' evaluation of even the smallest job boards ( http://jobboardreviews.com/ j   And Ask the Headhunter (www.asktheheadhunter.com ) is where Nick Corcodilos does thorough, investigative reporter type articles about them. Bravo!