On Getting Old (er)

Author: Dick Bolles

My Thoughts When I Turned 86


I will for young a long time be
In God’s great heaven, once I pass,
Now is the only time for me
To savor Old. It will not last.
So no complaints will pass my tongue
I’ll simply watch, with great delight
How bodies age when we’re not young
How minds look down from greater height
I must now play the scientist,
So, this is Old! Well, that is new,
So many things I used to miss
Now forcibly come into view.
My gait, my limbs, my hands, my feet, 
My head, my blood, my breath, my heart, 
All portend vic’try not defeat
How long they last! What life impart!
We are a wonder. Mark that well.
Short time Old, long time young
Our journey, far as I can tell,
Has barely, hardly, just begun.