Dan Pink's article in Fast Company

Author: Dan Pink

Written about What Color Is Your Parachute? 15 years ago,  by the renowned Dan Pink, a lot has changed since: more sales (over 10,000,000 now), different family history (I've been married to my beloved Marci for ten years,) different President. Still, Dan is a good writer,  and it was an interesting interview.  Here is a passage from it:

" In 1974, a recession rocked the country, and "Parachute"'s sales soared and have remained sky-high ever since. For all of the changes in the world since the days of the Nixon administration, the book's core advice hasn't changed much. Finding a job is all about strategy. Choose the right strategy, and you can snare a good job even in bad times. Choose the wrong strategy, and even roads paved with gold will lead you nowhere.

And, over the past three decades, Bolles's preferred method has remained remarkably consistent: Sending out résumés doesn't work. Neither does answering ads. Employment agencies? No way. What does work is figuring out what you like to do and what you do well — and then finding a place that needs people like you. Contact organizations that you're interested in, even if they don't have known vacancies. (Bolles actually coined the now commonplace term "informational interview.") Pester friends and family members for leads. Once you get in the door of the employer of your dreams, show how you can solve its problems."

Dan's whole article can he found here.