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The Internet
The Internet
What is the Internet to the job-hunter? I think the most useful answer is to say that the Internet is a place where a job-hunter can perform certain tasks, and when you break it down this way, the Internet becomes five places to the job-hunter:
  • A place to do research, to find out information about fields, occupations, jobs, companies, cities, geographical areas, salaries, and so on.
  • (links to Research pop-up page, below)
  • A place to make contacts and network with people, who can help you find information, or suggest referrals, or help you get in for an interview at a particular place.
  • (links to Contacts pop-up page, below)
  • A place where you can get some skills testing, career counseling, and job-hunting advice.
  • (links to TCA pop-up page, below)
  • A place where you can post your own resume, for the benefit of employers who are looking to fill vacancies.
  • (links to Job/Resume Listings pop-up page, below)
  • A place for you to search for vacancies listed by employers (often called want ads, job postings, or job listings)
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