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Job Boards: Niche/Trade/Specialty
If you told me that there were a million job boards, I would be loathe to argue, since it feels like I've been to every one of them. From such visits, I offer here what amounts to only a sampling of all that is available for various trades, industries, and professions. I have tried not to list the sites that are part of the major job-site "networks", preferring instead to find job boards that were independently operated and well thought of in their particular industry; I have not always been successful.

I have also not attempted to be complete or fair. As the mother goose said to her gosling while pointing out an ostrich egg, I just want you to see the possibilities. If these aren't enough, and you want to find more job boards in your area of expertise or interest, go to a search engine and type in some profession "jobs", of course substituting your area of interest for "some profession". A list will come up of sites for you to try.

Lastly, allow me to point out that you will be wasting resources if you go to these sites only looking for job postings. Some of the niche & trade sites have resources unique to the fields they serve, and many have discussion forums, where you can "meet" people who are interested in the same field as you. Contacts made here could help mightily in current and future job searches.

The best of the legal job sites, in my opinion. A good database with law jobs of every description, from judge through summer associate, office manager, law librarian, even temps, searchable by location and area of specialty. Outplacement resources, suggestions for non-mainstream legal positions… there’s even a section where us non-lawyers can find an attorney nearby, who practices in the required specialty.

The Law Employment Center
In addition to their database of legal jobs for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and the like, the site also includes temp positions, employment trends, and other useful info for the legal job-seeker. As with most legal job sites, a quick look through their employer directory reveals that most jobs listed are through legal recruiting firms. What is true in many fields, seems true in the legal profession as well: most jobs are found through networking.

True Careers
Though they bill themselves as a job board for “Degreed Professionals”, and their database does indeed include listings for Civil Engineer, Java developer, Senior Tax Associate, architect, Airport Engineer, and so forth, there were also listings (and ads mixed with listings, of course) for delivery drivers and salesmen. Really smart ones, I guess.

But most of the positions are for what I think of as High Trades — engineering, accounting, project management — like that. Pop-up ads are incessant and very persistent.
The Career Center page of this biotechnology Web site, with the standard industry-oriented job and resume databases, searchable by location, salary, company, and specialty. An interesting little tool is their Job Assessor, where you rate the different aspects of two possible jobs side-by-side, and then come up with a final score to indicate the most desirable.

Style Careers
A job board for people in the fashion industry: apparel, footwear, home fashion, beauty, textiles. Actual positions run the fullest possible range: hair stylist to photographer to purchasing agent to color specialist to makeup artist to...

All Retail Jobs
The name kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

Creative Hotlist
A job board for people in the creative arts, such as photographers, graphic artists, art directors, artists of every stripe, and so on. When you register, you are given a URL on the site that points prospective employers straight to your profile, with your personal data and links to any examples of your work you have posted. An interesting feature is that you can post portfolios as well as resumes (the cost is $35 for 6 months; everything else on the site is free). A neat site.

PhD Jobs
As job boards go, this one is pretty quirky; I guess it reflects the personality of a lot of those PhD types (maybe I should have listed it under “Diversity”?) The chances of the average person finding a job here are almost nil. I like it a lot.

Health care jobs — over 11,0000 at last count — are listed here; a superior site. One of the nice touches is grouping the jobs so you can browse by lifestyle, like: sun, mountains, coastal, exotic, major sports nearby, rural and small town… neat, huh?

Another good health care niche board.

This site specializes in, obviously, jobs in the health industry. The site is part of BestJobsUSA, one of the smaller job-site networks. In turn, they are owned by the largest recruitment advertiser in the U.S., and seem heavily invested in health care and similar industries. If this sounds appealing, you might consider checking the BestJobsUSA page at

The Blue Line
Law enforcement, fire, and civilian law (dispatcher, 911 operator, etc) positions.

Computer Jobs
Tech jobs of all descriptions are available through this highly respected site. A number of excellent features are here; these include listing the number of jobs available in various cities, various specialties and skills, and the ability to click on a city and see the jobs available in that city, sorted by specialty. Many job listings and an excellent currency rate for an Internet job board.

Another good job site for the IT professional. Decent size database, all of the features of the better job boards, plus a few extra features, including a special link for reporting outdated jobs in the database — surprisingly rare.
Another good job board for IT people. Linked with different local boards like and, you’ll find plenty of listings here for technical jobs.

Construction Jobs
A job board for the construction, building, and design industries. Nice implementation; jobs tend towards the higher end, i.e., management, architecture, and so on, but there are many listed that include handyman and custodial positions.

I am reminded how literal the software on the job boards can be; a search on “heavy equipment” brings up everything from “registered nurse” to “temporary warehouse person”. Because I didn’t put the terms in quotes, to force processing as a phrase, it kicked back a huge range of jobs, because almost every job description here has the word “equipment” in it!

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing at Work
MEP at Work is a job board for those in seeking jobs in the trades, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and so on. The database is a shared one, and contains an unfortunately low incidence of jobs in the trades, but perhaps that will improve with time.

Dice Inc.
Long a popular board for people in the tech industries, and author of various IT industry and salary reports, Dice has recently expanded to include jobs in BioTech, Aerospace, and engineering in its database. During my last visit, they said they had over 92,000 job listings; that’s a lot of jobs. Dice’s database serves as the database for a number of other tech job sites.

Employment Guide
Kind of a job board for everyman. Beauticians, carpet cleaners, handymen, delivery drivers; like that. Links to other, more specialized boards for certain niche areas, like health care. Annoyingly, but not unusually, some ads are mixed in with the job listings.

Like with the classifieds in the newspaper, there are times when you want to see what jobs are available in your area before you even know what job titles you should search for. That’s why I like it when job boards allow you to browse through the available jobs in your area. Employment Guide lets you do just that, with the names of the employers included, a nice feature.

A job board for those in the automobile industry. Most of the jobs listed are in the support industries, like dealerships and repair facilities, but there are also jobs grouped under manufacturers, management, and aftermarket manufacturing, as well as sales, sales management, body shop, technician, service, and office personnel.

With so many companies have turning to the Internet for hiring now, why should the retail and service industry be different? Wal-Mart. Taco Bell. Circuit City. Marriott. Blockbuster. Hilton. Red Lobster. At the HCareers site (actually, a group of three sites), you’ll find hospitality, restaurant, and retail jobs, which you can search by management or non-management, type of business, area, and so forth. There are links to overseas service jobs as well.

From the Society of Human Resource Management, this job board for people in the Human Resources field: payroll, HR managers, benefits analysts, recruiters, HR staff personnel, and so on. A nice feature is the “Between Gigs” Forum and bulletin board, where you can talk and share job leads with others.

Jobs in the Money
Loan officer, accountant, finance manager, tax analyst. If you are looking for a job in the finance industry, this would be a good place to start.

A job board for pharmaceutical, biotech, science and healthcare. This one is a Web site with character — I like the design. You can search the job listings, or browse their employer database to see what’s available.

Jobs in Non-Profits
From the ServeNet site, this is a list of current job openings with non-profit or social conscience organizations.

Teachers Support Network
A job-hunting site for teachers. Services are free, though you must register.

National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
Good job site for teachers.

Careers in Higher Education
From the Chronicles of Higher Education comes this really excellent job site. Job listings are all across the spectrum, from University president to tenured posts to lab assistant to groundskeeper. Resources include advice on how to turn your CV into a resume, salary calculators, Web links related to academic careers, and a forum for discussing these and other subjects. Top notch.

Jobs in Education
A Canadian job site for K-12 institutions, listing academic, classified, business and administration positions. On-site resources for finding out about certification requirements, salaries, and regional associations.

Jobs for Librarians
A job site for librarian & information professionals. Job listings are current, browsable, and searchable. There is also salary information for librarians, links to industry articles, and job-hunting advice. An email newsletter is available, and there are even links to overseas jobs in the profession. Good site.

Entertainment Careers
A job board for those in film, television, and live theater, listing a huge range of jobs and internships in broadcasting, production, film studios, theaters, and so on. Interestingly, job openings include the field of television news; if you ever doubted that TV news was primarily entertainment, look where they advertise their job openings.

Jobs and internships in public service and non-profits.

Telecommuting Jobs
Jobs that involve telecommuting or work-at-home.

Technical Writers Jobs
Not a job board itself, but a page of Web sites catering to jobs for technical writers and those in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Communications field.

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