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Web Sites for Job Hunting Research
Web Sites for Job Hunting Research
The Key to a Successful Job Hunt
It is a rare job-hunt that does not require some research. And, as salary level rises, as the required experience and skill set of the applicant goes up, as the responsibility inherent in the prospective job increases, so does the amount of research required to identify the field, the job, and the company you would most like to work for, and the person there who has the power to hire you. In a world where the Internet is accounting for more and more job-hunting activity, this means that you must be able to identify your skills, research the fields and industries where your skills can be used, locate the companies in those industries near you, and identify the companies you are interested in working for.

Luckily, research is one of those tasks for which the Internet was born. Often, it is a researcher's dream: a worldwide library at your fingertips, that you can access anytime, day or night, in your frumpiest clothes, without ever leaving your apartment or home.

The Research area of this web site is divided into two parts:

Using the Internet for Research: how to find information on the Internet, what tools are available, how best to use them.

Job Hunting related research on the Internet --- where to find information that will help your job hunt specifically, such as company research, salaries, fields, and moving. You can follow these links to whatever interests you most right now.

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