About This Site


This website is written and maintained by me— Dick Bolles,  author of What Color Is Your Parachute 2015. It was originally created on the site of Washington Post at their request in 1996.  I took it over subsequently, and then due to this and that,  it languished in computer hell until January 2, 2015,  when I relaunched it, after spending a year redoing it. I do the design and writing of almost all the articles.  Credits: Patty Benson of Goodsite designed the homepage and masthead. Glenn Jones took the picture of me, thereon.  Stephanie Sullivan of Aviaweb, Philip Aaronson, and then Samuel Sokol of Tech Umbrella Group, did the programming and the setting up of the structure and language of the site (Kohana).  I am deeply grateful to them all.

This site is written to be displayed on laptops, tablets, phlablets, and some mobile devices. (It displays beautifully on my iPhone 6+, but I can't guarantee it will display on all mobile devices.)  The site is not interactive; i.e., there is no place anywhere on it for you to post responses or your own stuff.  It is—like a book—meant for reading, reflection, solving problems, and then taking action.

It is always under construction,  and constant change, so don't worry if some part of it doesn't work;  I'll get around to fixing it, as soon as I can.  You can contact me at if you discover some glitch you have reason to believe I don't already know about.


You start with the masthead at the very top of each page.  You choose, and click on, one of the Headings listed there:  you can pick between:   Jobs, Books, Articles, Sites, eParachute, or My Diary,  For Job-Hunters,  For Career-Changers, For Readers of Parachute (the book), For Career Coaches, For H.R. People, Videos, or Events,   

A new page will then display, with a sidebar and main display window.  In the main display window all the articles for that Heading will display in one continuous scroll. To pick only one article at a time, go to the sidebar and click on one of the Categories displayed there (in most cases).  Immediately, the names of the articles assigned to that Category will display in that sidebar, right under the name of the Category.   Click on any one of those articles, and only that one article will display in the main display window.  
To see another article, go back to the sidebar and either click on another article in that same Category 
OR click on a new Category there, whereupon the names of all the articles assigned to that Category will display, and you can click on any one article to see it, and it alone, displayed in the main window 
OR go back up to the masthead and click on another Heading,  where the navigation will be identical or similar. 

(Note that at the top of the Masthead there is the Heading New! This is for people who have already visited the site, perhaps many times, and upon their next return want to know what has been added since they last looked. Typically, New! will remain the same for a week —from Monday to Monday. Then that article or articles will jump to their proper Heading, where they will thereafter remain.)

In conclusion,  I am on eParachute,  Facebook and LinkedIn and Life Reimagined.   (Click on any of these.)  Please do not leave messages at any of these. I rarely see them.   Same is true for trying to reach me via phone calls. Email is best.  As I said above,  my email address is

I do have a phone number but you can only leave messages on it:  1 (925) 837 3002.  I do not do career counseling, to my deep regret  (I used to, but my schedule has now gotten simply overwhelming).  A list of good counselors is listed in the back of my book.