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The 2006 What Color is Your Parachute?
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There is a new revision of the legendary job-hunting book,  What Color Is Your Parachute?,  just out.  Well, there is a new revision every year.   But this one - - the 2006 edition - - is the most dramatic rewrite of the book that the author has done in the last 25 years!  Richard Bolles worked on this one every day for ten months,  researching, re-thinking,  and explaining in a new way his ideas, hints, and perspectives - - in what has come to be the best-selling job-hunting and career-changing book in the world, now in thirteen languages.  It was also a #1 Business Week best-seller last year. 
The motivation for such a drastic revision this year was the author's strong conviction that the most dramatic change in the past year has consisted in the various new forms that information has taken:  blogs, podcasts, Websites, RSS feeds, TIVo, satellite radio, Webcasts, etc. supplementing the older and more familiar forms. The way the world used to be was the “consumer” being told, “Here is what we’re going to give you; this is what you’re gonna get.”  The way the world is now, it is the “consumer” who calls the shots: “Here is what I want; this is the kind of information I want, and in this form, and in this way.”

Commonly “the book” is regarded as one of those alternative forms.  Bolles felt that in this new age, even a book must offer, within its covers, alternative forms of information, which the “consumer” can choose between.  “ In the 21st Century” said Bolles, “we need a 21st Century form of ‘the book’.”

Accordingly, he divided this new revision of his book into three sections, according to the form of the information therein. 

The first section, "The Problem," delivers its information in the form of poetry and in short bursts of text.   Its guiding, underlying questions with regard to any topic, are: What is the least you need to know?  and What is the one key word, here?  This section is for readers who need help, and need it fast. 

The second section, "The Playing Field," is for readers with more leisure, who want their information in the form of a search for wisdom.  Wisdom depends on context and weight, so this section offers in-depth discussion of the job search in the context of current world events,and the forced displacement of millions of people around the globe, by tsunami, Katrina, earthquakes, outsourcing, wars, plus political unrest - - and what weight the reader should assign to each challenge facing them, when they are forcibly displaced.

The third section, "What, Where, and How" delivers its information in a form that is interactive.  It is for readers who want to be active doers and not just passive readers. So, by means of a series of paper-and-pen exercises, guided step-by-step by Bolles, and using three techniques learned from brain research, each reader is led to do some fun but hard thinking,  about who they are, what would be a dream job for them,  and how to find their dream.

Beyond the matter of form, this dramatic revision is also packed with new content,  developed from Bolles' extensive up-to-date research this past year;  like:
how to transform any job;
outsourcing fears, realities, advantages, and opportunities;
how to combine three fields to define one ideal career target;
who gets hired, and why?;
how to build your own personal philosophy of Work,
10 truths about the 21st century job-hunt
9 steps to identifying your dream job
6 essential warnings about career tests
300 career ideas for those just entering the job market
14 reasons why you might want to move
3 rules for making decisions about the future
10 tips for successful interviewing
1 key word that determines success
What Color Is Your Parachute?  which Fortune already labeled as "the gold standard of career guides,"  and Business Week  has called "the enduring job-search Bible,"  and The New York Times has saluted as a book of "peculiar power,"  now is even more the standard, enduring, and powerful. Readers who want practical cutting-edge job-hunting or career-changing advice,  and also want to reshape their lives,  will find this dramatic 2006 revision will make a lasting impression on their life, and the way they view things. Indeed, the Library of Congress put “Parachute” on its list of 25 books down through history “that have shaped people's lives”.  (The only other living author on that list is Maya Angelou.)
Richard N. Bolles is a #1 Business Week best selling author,   
He was trained in Chemical Engineering (at M.I.T.),  Physics (at Harvard University from which he holds a B.A. degree cum laude in physics) and Sacred Studies (at the General Theological Seminary (Episcopal) in New York City, from which he holds a Master’s degree in Sacred Theology). He is the recipient of two honorary doctorates. Is a a member of MENSA, and is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his wife Marci, and one of his four children.
The 2006 What Color Is Your Parachute?: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
by Richard Nelson Bolles
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